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  • The KX FI Calibration Kit features a handheld KX FI Calibration Controller which enables riders to adjust engine characteristics, by rewriting actual data maps, to suit their preference
  • Use without a PC: simply plug the KX FI Calibration Controller in the engines ECU
  • Built-in color LCD screen with easy-to-use interface
  • SD card compatible for data transfer of maps between the controller and a PC
  • Seven preset settings for easy ECU adjustment to suit track conditions
  • ECU maps for fuel injection volume and ignition timing based on throttle position and RPM
  • The KX FI Calibration Controller displays the status of a running engine when connected to the ECU
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes transfer and diagnostic cables, SD memory card, user manual, and carrying case
  • Requires Sub Harness (P/N 26011-0933) and Bracket (P/N 11056-0505) to operate
  • Fits KX 250F (13-17), KX 450F (09-10) and (12-17)
  • Does not fit KX 450F (11)
  • Requires Wire Sub Harness (P/N 26011-0933) and Bracket (P/N 11056- 0505) to operate
  • KX450F 09-10
  • KX450F 12-17
  • KX250F 13-17

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